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Bear's Little Tree

Bear is ready for a Christmas tree! Help him find the perfect tree and learn along the way with the Brainy Story Prompt! 

You and your kiddos can do the craft, and complete the story or just complete the story while looking at the images here! So much Christmas(sy) goodness to be had! Please tag #brainystoryprompt on social media so we can see!

Find the

Brainy Story Prompt here.

This would be a fun activity to do on Christmas Eve or at a moment when you might want the kids to chill out a bit! We have made a template for you to use for the both the bear and the tree/star combo too! 

Find the bear and tree 

template here.


*Medium size cardboard box or about 12 X 12 X 14 inches

(you can use smaller than this-this is the size we used with leftovers)

*Green paint

*Yellow paint

*Red paint

*Brown paint

*White paint

*Black sharpie

*Paint brushes


*Glitter (optional)




1. Print and cut template. Find it here

2. Trace each shape on the cardboard. Cut out the shapes. Some shapes such as the ears, body and paws require more than one tracing. The template indicates the number necessary for proper assembly.

3. Cut three slits in the bears face, two for the ears and one for the body.

4. Take one of the body pieces and cut 2 inches or so lengthwise. Repeat on the other body piece, making the cut a bit longer. Cut two slits on the upper part for the arms and two slits on the lower of this piece for the legs.

5. Take one of the trees, cut 3 inches from the top point. Take the other and cut an inch or so from the bottom. 

4. Repeat the same process with the star however with shorter cuts. The idea is to slide them into each other to make a 3D shape.

5. Paint each of the bear pieces brown.

6. Paint the tree green and the star yellow. Apply glitter to the wet paint of the yellow star, if desired.

7. Allow paint to dry and do the other side of each piece. 

8. Paint white on the bears face, paws and ears.

9. Draw a nose and black areas on the eyes with the sharpie. Leave circles of white to give depth to the features.

10. Paint red circles for the bear's cheeks.

11. Assemble after all the pieces have dried. 

12. Make a ribbon scarf. Cut points at each end and glue poms on. 

Now complete the story and

let the imagination go wild!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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