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Bonsai Egg

Recently my husband went to China. Yes, he left me behind and I'm sad about it. But I am thankful not to be suffering the severe jet lag that has plagued him for nearly a week! Getting older ain't for the weak folks. 

Naturally, he took photos and sent them to me. I was delighted to see he was enjoying himself. One of the photos was of a Bonsai Park. It was really amazing! (Obviously I should have been there to see it in person. If I can't have that however, I'll take the Bonsai Park vicariously. It's a park with tons of Bonsai...everywhere...I'll take it anyway I can get it!) 

 Behold the Bonsai Egg. It must have been inspired by the pictures. That seems like a logical conclusion.  

It's fun to make, delicious (healthy!) to eat, and downright whimsical! That checks all of my boxes. If it checks yours, read on!


*Hard boiled eggs



*Cutting board


*Deviled egg recipe

* Plastic bag 

*Soup ladle or blunt object


1. Follow recipe to create the deviled eggs.

2. Place handful of almonds into a bag. Use the back of a soup ladle or hard implement to smash almonds.

3. Cut portions of the broccoli off the crown and shape into a bonsai. Remove sections to expose areas and create the shape.

4. Sprinkle almond crumble onto the deviled egg. Remove excess from the white. 

5. Place bonsai shaped broccoli into the egg. 

6. Admire. 

7. EAT! 

Have a great day!

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