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Caramel Apple Geodes

Caramel apple Geodes.jpg

This was one of those, aha-wait-a-minute-this-could-be-really-cool moments. I think maybe every subsequent Autumn will include a Caramel Apple Geode from this point on. They could be really great for a fall party. Ohh and ahhh your friends like nobody's business. Or use them for a homeschooling geology lesson! How much fun is it to eat your lesson afterwards? Very. The answer is very.

These are only marginally fussier to make than a standard caramel apple. And, in my opinion, they are quite a lot more beautiful. If you can make caramel, these are no big deal. It's a matter of collecting a few ingredients and you are good to go!

Let's get started!


*Apples (1 apple = 3 geodes)

*Caramel Sauce (recipe here)


*Cooling rack

*Half cookie sheet with sides

*Melon ball scoop or teaspoon

*Edible gold dust

*Rock candy


1. Cut apples into thirds. Use melon scoop or teaspoon to remove the seeds and create a well. Poke a tiny hole through the apple to allow some caramel to drain. 

Caramel apple Geodes process.jpg
Caramel apple Geodes process 1.jpg

2. Pat apples dry multiple times. Allow the apples to sit out for at least an hour to reduce some moisture content. Pat dry throughout the process and prior to applying caramel.

3. Make caramel sauce according to this recipe. Use blue food coloring.

4. Place cooling rack on cookie sheet. Place apple slices on cooling rack. Pour caramel over apples. Use a spoon to reapply the dripping caramel. When apples are covered, place them into the freezer for 10 minutes.  

Caramel apple Geodes process 2.jpg

5. Once caramel has set, remove apples from cooling rack and decorate with rock candy and edible gold dust. Serve immediately or place in the fridge for later, up to 24 hours.

Caramel apple Geodes 1.jpg

Happy fall friends! Enjoy your fancy caramel apples! 

Caramel apple Geodes.jpg
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