Croton Plant

The Recycled Renovation continues on in my kids' room! Have you seen the Cactus side table yet? It, like this Croton plant, is made from cardboard! Find a picture of the Cactus side table here. Plans will be available for the Cactus side table soon! I digress.


*Medium size cardboard box 

*Acrylic paint in orange, pink, yellow, green, and silver

*Paint brushes



*Planter brick foam

*18 gauge wire

*Hot glue/gun


1. Cut cardboard box into 4 pieces along the seams. Lay flat.

2. Trace desired leaf shape with a pen.

3. Cut of the leaf.

4. Paint each leaf a base in your desired colors.

5. When the leaves dry, add details. Consider the way the Croton plant looks while painting your leaves. The variegation on the leaves is quite striking and bold, as are the colors across the entire plant. See picture below for a reference.

Learn more about the Croton plant here.

6. When the leaves are dry, you can insert wire into the bottom. Slide it up into the leaf and affix with hot glue.

7. Cut foam to fit inside of your desired pot. Place the wire end leaves into foam.