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Clothespin Turkeys

Just beginning to write this tutorial has my mouth salivating with anticipation of the Thanksgiving dinner to come! OHMYWOARD. We are all so excited to sit and eat together! It's simply one of the greatest experiences we can have as a family, as friends and as humans! 

I'm planning on serving some of my all time favorite recipes like pomegranate/kale salad, root vegetable gratin and mushroom stuffing! *wipes mouth*

Another super fun part of Thanksgiving is setting the table! We looked around and considered how we might incorporate something fun and whimsical. After assessing our craft pile, we decided on these pom pom clothespin turkey combos. They make great napkin holders! WOOOT.


* Wooden clothespins

*Orange yarn

*Mustard yarn

*Red yarn

*Hot glue/gun

*Brown Sharpie

*Red and orange felt


1. Begin with the orange yarn. Wrap the yarn around your four fingers, closer to the end of your fingers.

2. Cut the yarn and tie the yellow onto the end of the orange. It takes a bit of dexterity but I know you CAN DO IT!

3. Now wrap the yellow around the upper part of your fingers, moving onto your palm if necessary. Cut the end when you have a similar amount wrapped around your fingers to the orange. Cut the end.

4. Now tie the red to the yellow. Wrap the red around both the yellow and the orange yarn. 

5. Now remove the ball from you fingers. Lay the ball on your work surface. Cut a piece of yarn about 3. 5 inches in length and tie it around the open ends of your ball.

6. Cut the pom open. Do not cut the tie in the center.

7. Now shape the pom. Make a V shape. 

8. Glue the clothespin to the center with the round end at the larger part of the V shape.

9. Cut a small triangle from the orange felt and an oval from the red felt. Glue them on to the turkey face. 

10. Draw two dots with the sharpie for the eyes.

Are you excited for the big day of eating together? What are you thankful for? Tell me in the comments below!

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