Dehydrated Apple Art

Make beautiful art with the kids made from dehydrated apples!

You do not need a dehydrator for this project but I highly recommend a mandolin for precision apple slices. Using a mandolin will also save you loads of time!


*3 pounds of apples or 1 bag

*Mandolin or knife

*Dehydrator (I highly recommend this dehydrator! We have used ours for years!)

*Medium sized bowls for water and food color to dip the apple slices into

*Food color of choice

*Glittery string or

*Gold jump rings (I think this would provide a cleaner look and would really be less work! You'll also need pliers if you go this route.)

*Stick (We used an old piece of decorative bamboo)

*Sewing needle

*If you do not have a dehydrator you can use the oven. You will need two 1/2 size cookie sheets and parchment paper.


1. Slice apples to 3/8th - 1/4th inch thick using the mandolin or a knife

2. Fill bowls to about halfway with water

3. Add food color to your desired color

4. Dunk each slice into the bowl and place on the dehydrator sheet or cookie sheet with parchment paper

5. Do multiple colors! Dunk one slice into multiple bowls! This was my daughter's idea and it looked awesome!

6. Place the apples into the dehydrator or oven at 180 degrees F.

Dehydrate for about 6-8 hours or longer, depending on the feel of the apple. You want the apples to be hard but not crispy. If they are too soft or too hard it will be difficult to thread together. If you are doing this in your house, it will smell absolutely divine!

7. Once the apples are adequately dehydrated, lay them out to your desired pattern.

8. Begin to tie each apple together with a needle and thread. Thread through the top portion of the apple.

Tie a knot around the top of first apple, leaving a thread tail to use later to tie the two slices together. Take your next apple and bring the needle through the back side toward you on the bottom portion of the apple. Now tie a loop in that apple. Cut the thread leaving enough of a tail to tie the first apple and the second apple together making two knots to ensure security.

9. Continue tying each apple together until you have a string of apples to your desired length. Our apple art is 4 apple slices in length and 7 apple slices in width.

10. Now that you have made your apple strings to your desired length, make loops at the top to slide over your stick (or bamboo shoot in our case.)

11. To do so, double your thread and sew through the back of the apple.

12. Leave a tail of thread and come back through the same hole with your needle creating a loop at the top.

13.  Cut the thread, again leaving a tail. Tie the two tails together twice. That will make two knots ensuring, a secure loop.

And now...

The exciting part!

Slip your loops over your stick. Hang your stick (It might be necessary to add string to hang it if your stick is very contorted).

Thank you for reading!