Giant Planes

Anyone busting through the week like these planes through the clouds? No? Perhaps making a Giant Plane will help you out! Sure couldn't hurt though, could it?! These planes are SUPER easy to make and require minimal supplies! These have been designed to be held in one's hand while flying (running) around the yard. They leave a whirling stream of delight behind as they travel through the air in hand. My kids have been having loads of fun with them. They can also be decorated! Let the kiddos go wild with paint, sequins, pom poms, stickers, tape, nature bits, you name it! The sky is the limit. Budabump.

Let's get started!


* Extra large construction paper

*Toilet Rolls (2 per plane)

*Hot glue/gun

*Tissue paper



1. Fold construction paper into a plane shape. Begin by folding the paper in half. Flip it over and pull corners on each side into the crease mid-line.

3. Pull the corners in once again.

4. Now fold the plane in half and create a dynamic plane shape on the tail. Get creative! 

5. Open your plane and glue a toilet roll to the mid-line crease of the plane. Then glue the top of the plane closed. The toilet roll will offset the weight of the additional toilet roll and streamers and provide a handle for running with your plane!

6. Glue construction paper to your other toilet roll to cover it. Cut it in half.

7. Fold your tissue paper over and cut long strips. Staple a handful of strips together and glue to each half of your toilet roll.

8. Glue each half to the underside of your plane.

Time to fly!! Grab the planes by the handle and run to see the streamers fly behind you! Enjoy!

Alternately, use the planes as decorations! Hang them with fishing line for a fun decor. 

To note: these planes do not fly well when thrown. The weight of the toilet rolls makes them too heavy. If you would like your kites to fly as traditional paper planes, simply omit the toilet rolls and apply streamers to the tail.