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Hedgehog Eggs

Let's imagine a scenario whereby you wake up grumpy. Perhaps not too far fetched for a sleep deprived mother, eh? Now let's walk to the kitchen and find our coffee is ready, the mood is improving! Next, you open your refrigerator and see a bunch of hedgehog eggs looking at you. How would that make you feel? 

I can tell you from personal experience, it's mood lifting! I giggle every time I see them in the refrigerator and so do my kids. For that reason alone, they are totally worth making.

Let's get started!


*Room temperature hard boiled eggs

*Black sharpie

*Ramekin or similar sized bowl

*Brown gel food color


1. Squirt about teaspoon of brown food color into a ramekin.

2. Fill ramekin halfway with water. Stir until well mixed.

3. Place hardboiled egg into the water, roll it around, leaving a white oval bottom.

4. Place dye side down on a towel to dry. 

5. Draw three dots on the pointy side of the egg for the face. One dot for the nose and two for the the eyes. Begin to draw the hair around the face.

6. Continue making lines all down the back of the hedgehog towards the back side of the egg.

7.  Draw a line under the face where the dye meets the white. Draw little feet on the white section.

Remember it does not have to perfect and frankly it looks far more exciting when it isn't! Have fun with it!

Happy Eating!

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