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Hot Glue Pins

Make completely customizable pins using a few materials! So many possibilities here! Apply tassels, poms...use lots of different's entirely up to your imagination!



1.Place parchment paper on a heat safe surface.

2. Place 3 pieces of sparkly hot glue on the parchment paper.

3. Place stickers onto the glue. This will secure the glue and make it easy to flip over!

4. Flip the entire thing over and cover with parchment paper.

5. Iron until the glue is melted and you can see the letters from the underside.

6. Wait for the glue to cool completely.

7. Pull parchment paper away from the glue.

8. Cut the edges to the desired shape.


9. Apply pin back with a small amount of hot glue...too much might melt your creation!


What do you think?

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