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Jack-O-Lantern Bird Feeders

These little bird feeders are ready to be displayed in your favorite tree, outside of your favorite window,  next to your favorite comfy chair. Watch as the hungry birds get fat before winter sets in. These bird feeders make a super cute Halloween decoration too! BONUS.

Ready to get started on these little bird helpers? 


*Silicone mold

*Bird Feed  



measuring cup

*Non crunchy peanut butter

*Leaves, small sticks

*Sunflower seeds

*Orange yarn

*Cookie sheet


1. Dissolve 2 packets of unflavored gelatin in 1 cup of hot water. 

2. Mix in one cup of cold water and 3 cups of bird feed. Stir until the bird feed is fully coated with the gelatin. It will not absorb. You will see liquid remain in the bowl.

3. Place silicone mold on a cookie sheet. Scoop the mixture into the mold. You will have extra. This recipe will yield about 6 balls.

Let the kiddos have fun here!

4. Place the mixture in the refrigerator for about an hour or 2. 

5. Remove from the refrigerator and remove the half spheres from the mold. Place a tablespoon or so of peanut butter on one of the sphere halves. 

6. Place a small stick and a leaf in the peanut butter and place the halves together to form a complete sphere or ball shape.

7. Cut 4 pieces of yarn long enough to wrap around the ball and tie a knot, or about 7 inches.

8. Place one of the strings under the ball at the bottom most portion. Bring the ends up and make a knot. Tie the loose ends around the stick and tie another knot to stabilize the stick. Cut off loose ends. Repeat this process three times. 

9. Use the last piece of yarn to create a tie for your tree branch. Run the yarn under the knots gathered near the stick. Leave the ends untied. This makes it easier to tie it onto the tree.

Now, build your super spooky face!!

10. Use small amounts of peanut butter to apply the seeds. Make a fun face, a silly face, a scary face! Have fun! You could experiment with lard or another type of room temperature stable fat if there are peanut or other nut allergies. I have not tried that however. Let me know how it goes!

What do you think?

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