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There is just something about jellyfish. What is it exactly? The squishy texture? The vibrant colors? Or better still the transparency? Have you ever seen the bioluminescence they produce when agitating waters filled with with them? It's so neat! That is a childhood memory I will never forget. We would stand at the edge of the lagoon dock, sticks in hand. My siblings and I would swish the waters around and in doing so, the jellies would light up! It was such a cool thing! 

These jellies don't light up when moved about but they do taste delicious AND they are healthy! That seems like a win, right?


To make 4 Jellyfish

*1 large tortilla

*1 carrot

*1 cheese stick

*1 stalk of celery

*3 Tablespoons of cream cheese

*Food coloring of choice

*Round cookie cutter or biscuit cutter

* Knife

*Cutting board


1. Use round cookie or biscuit cutter to cut out 4 jellyfish. Use the same cutter to cut a portion of the circle out. This will create the jellyfish shape.

2. Mix food color with cream cheese and spread onto the tortilla.

3. Pull string cheese apart into thin strips.

4. Use a carrot peeler to make thin carrot slices. Use a knife to slice thin bits of celery.

5. Lay it out on a platter and apply cheese, carrots and celery to the curved side of each tortilla. 

6. Serve!


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