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Live Art

What a great year it's been here at the Brainy Beginnings HQ! We've been learning and growing so much! And we've been eating! Lots of festive eats has been going down over here! We thought we'd have some fun with making food pictures from cardboard AND making them come to life with plants! All the fun, none of the calories! WOOT.

This craft includes a Brainy Story Prompt! Make the craft and complete the story! Or just complete the story while looking at the pics included in this tutorial! Find the story of the Live Art here.


*Corrugated cardboard



*Hot glue/gun




1. Cut cardboard to the desired size. Paint desired background color.

2. Create a scene that can include plants. We made a scene with a cake, vases and a scene with a turkey on a table.

3. Cut pieces from cardboard to make desired scene. Leave the cardboard layers intact. 

4. For pieces that you would like to place greenery inside, cut one layer of the cardboard away.

5. Paint individual pieces desired colors. Let dry. Hot glue onto background.

6. Glue on yarn to the back. Hang on wall.

7. GO OUTSIDE! Collect plants! Place into your beautiful live art! Complete the story and enjoy!

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