Magnolia and Paper Candles

The Longest Night occurs today, December 21st, here in the Northern Hemisphere. This night, also known  as the Winter Solstice marks the first astronomical day of winter!

It seems fitting then, that we usher in the onset of longer days and endure the Longest Night with making paper candles!

 We made these candles using newspaper, paint and magnolia leaves! We thought they would be a fun and easy way to discuss the Winter Solstice and get our craft on.



*White, yellow and orange paint

*Magnolia leaves or another hard, large plant leaf

*Hot glue/gun

*Glue stick




1. Paint the front and back of one sheet of newspaper white. Repeat the process with orange. Mix in yellow to the orange to add variation of color. Allow to dry.

2. Fold newspaper over multiple time. Cut out a candle shape with the white newspaper. Repeat the folding process with the orange. Cut out a flame shape.

3. Now fold the pieces in half. Apply glue to one side of the folded half. Stick another folded piece on top. Repeat the process until 5 or 6 pieces are glued together. Glue the open sides together to create a round shape. Use this video for reference. Repeat with the flames.

4. Take magnolia leaf and cut on either side of the stem about 1/3 the way up the leaf.

5. Fold the cut leaf sides up and over. Staple to itself.

6. Hot glue candle and flame together. Glue on to leaf!


These look splendid in a

bottle or across a table center!

Love and light to you and yours

during this Winter Solstice!