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Newspaper Garland

Tis the season to use ALLL the materials you've been saving up! There are just a myriad ways you can use newspaper, egg cartons, cardboard and the like this holiday season! Follow along with Brainy Beginnings to see a few unique ideas!

Today, we are showing you how to use those newspaper flyers stuffed into your mailbox to no avail. Actually, I ran out of newspaper making this project and I felt sad. If you've been saving your newspaper, this is the project for you! It's absolutely gorgeous. Much more so in person.* 

*Working on those photography skills.

This, much like all of our projects here at Brainy Beginnings, is a collaboration. My children and I worked together to make this piece. Collaborating with children is so good for them! They learn a tremendous amount by working along side and with you!

Let's get started on this collaborative AND SPARKLY piece!


*Five or six large sheets of newspaper

*Acrylic or watercolor paint of your color choice. We used blue, lime green and dark green

*Red acrylic paint

*Egg carton

*Hot glue/gun

*Gold glitter


*Paint brushes

*White glue


1. Mix acrylic or water colors with water. Paint on newspaper. Cover the entire piece of newspaper. Use three colors of similar shades to enhance visual interest.

2. Allow newspaper to dry. While doing so, cut egg carton bottoms out and paint red. Paint the inside too.

3. Once the newspaper is dry, fold it over multiple times and cut out leaf shapes. Different sizes and shapes look great! Have fun with it!

4. Cut a long piece of twine about 5-6 feet long. Hot glue on the leaves alternating size, shapes and colors for variations.

5. Apply white glue to the edges of the leaves and down the center. Sprinkle on gold glitter. Do the opposite side too.

6. Glue the egg carton "berries" together in clusters of three. (see pic above.) Glue the berries to your desired leaf cluster.

7. Let dry! Hang on the wall! Drape across the curtains or down the center of your table!


Happy Holidays

to you and yours!

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