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Newspaper Terrarium*

*Complete with Salt Dough Air Plant!

Recycle newspaper into a sculptural, geometric terrarium for your wall!


1. Newspaper

2. Glue stick

3. Pencil or pen or rod of sorts that is one uniform size

4. Hot glue/gun

5. Scissors


1. Begin by placing your pen or pencil on the corner of one sheet of your newspaper. Roll the paper around the pencil, periodically pulling the pencil out further towards the edge. 

2. Apply glue to the paper as you go!

3. Roll, roll, roll!! Make several of these! Attempt to make them similar in length. Slight variation in length is ok and can be rectified later in the process!

4. Close the ends by folding the paper towards the center of the roll. Much like wrapping a present, flatten the paper, fold each corner in and then toward the center, creating a point.

5. Apply glue and fold the point to close the end.

6. Decide on the geometric shape you would like to make! I am a big fan of the triangular version, so let me explain how to make that shape.

7. To make a really large terrarium such as these, take two pieces of the rolled newspaper and glue the finished ends together. This will be the upper point of the triangle.

8. Take the loose ends and fold them in towards the center to create the triangle shape. Glue the ends together!

Or add a cross piece like to this. Glue the sides.

9. Now make the terrarium have more dimension by adding additional cross pieces as desired. You can really do anything here! Have fun experimenting! Just remember to keep it flat on the side that will hang on the wall. One idea is to create a square with another rolled newspaper. Rotate the square and lengthen it to create a diamond shape. Glue it on the first triangle you made. Like this:

10. Make a few different shapes! Generally, groupings of similar objects look best on a wall! Have fun!

And now, add your salt dough Tillandsia Air Plant!


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