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Pasta Crown

It's been a mega pasta dyeing session over at our house. Look at Christmas Deer just lording over his colorful pasta! He's the king of all things pasta! He looks so snazzy lording, doesn't he?

Have you ever dyed pasta?

It's a really fun process that children can be actively engaged with.

To do so, simply squirt some food color into a ziplock bag. Add a bit of water to the bag to dilute the food color and help disperse it. Pour in the pasta. Now, shake, shake, shake it! Let the kiddos in on this fun process!

If the pasta is not fully covered with color, add a bit more water.

He was utterly intrigued by this process.

Check out the array of colors and shapes we put together:


The potential for this pasta is titillating!

Let's get back to the crown though, shall we?


* Box of Farfalle (bowtie) pasta

* Food color of choice (We used neon yellow. The yellow dye only just tints the already yellowish pasta. Other colors will show up more vividly. However, we were going for a gold(ish) crown.)


*Ziplock bags

*Parchment paper


*Hot glue/gun



1. Make the dyed farfalle pasta as described above. Add glitter to the bag if desired.
2. Pour the pasta onto a piece of parchment paper and let dry for an hour or so. 

3 Measure the area around your child's head to determine the circumference of the crown.

4. Cut a piece of yarn twice the length of the measurement you just acquired.

5. Lay the piece of yarn on a new piece of parchment paper. Use your hot glue to apply the pasta along the yarn. Do not glue the pasta pieces together.

6. Wait for the glue to dry and peel the entire thing off the parchment paper. Continue this process until you have all of the yarn covered in pasta.

7. Wrap the yarn covered pasta around itself to form the crown. It should go around twice. Hot glue it as you work your way around. It should hold its shape quite nicely.

8. Glue on extra pasta pieces to fill out the crown. 

9. Cut a piece of felt the length and width of the interior of the circumference of the crown. Glue it over the yarn to finish the crown.

Put your crown on and dance around like this majestic Christmas Reindeer!

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