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Penguin Eggs

"She was very, very busy. And more than a bit tired." 

The kids share a room in our house. That means if they decide it's not time to go to bed, well, they just don't go to bed. Don't get me wrong. We try. But really, you can't exactly force someone to sleep. 

So, they play and chat and eventually fall asleep. As long as they don't come out of their room, we are generally ok with it. It works out well...most of the time...

Now let's rewind to last night. Rager doesn't quite describe it adequately. It was loud, they were jumping, throwing stuff and screaming with complete glee. It.was.nuts. We were NOT ok with it. It did NOT work out.

"Happy as she was, she needed something. Just a minute to herself."


Fast forward: I'm tired. Fortunately these penguins are just about the easiest thing in the world to do! The kids love them and they have distracted us a bit from our sleep deprivation. Maybe these baby penguins can help you out too. 

"...being together is a lot more fun!"

- Baby Penguins Everywhere!, Melissa Guion


*Hard boiled, room temperature eggs

*Blue or black food color

*Ramekin (small bowl)

*Black and orange sharpie


1. Hard boil eggs. Cool them to room temperature.

2. Put food color into a ramekin. Fill water to about 3/4 the volume of the bowl. Your egg should be covered with dye except for  a small round section.

3. Remove from dye and place on towel.

4. When dry, draw on the face, flippers, and feet of the penguin with the sharpie.


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