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Lolli Ring 

I had to get this tutorial done STAT. Why? Because my kids wanted those Lolli Rings and they were about to take me down to get them. They can be such great motivators when they want something. 

These make me smile when I look at them. I like how bright and colorful they are. Plus they are sweet and sweet can't be beat. They may come with a bit of controversy however. Actually, I'd love your opinion on the matter. I choose pipe cleaners for the ring portion. As far as I can tell, pipe cleaners are non toxic and not considered harmful if placed in the mouth momentarily.


However, I could see how maybe the fibers of certain materials and the dyes of others could be less than desirable for food. So to remedy that, I choose 100% cotton, non dyed and unbleached pipe cleaners. I consider cotton to be a suitable material for the mouth, as many baby toys and teethers are made from it. 

What do you think? Is there a different material I could use here?



*Jolly Ranchers or another hard candy

*Vegetable cutters

*Cotton pipe cleaners

*Cooking oil of choice (Coconut, olive or spray)

*Parchment paper or baking mat

*Cookie sheet

*Cupcake liners 


1. Preheat oven to 400 degree Fahrenheit.

2. Place a small amount of cooking oil in a bowl. Dip your finger in it and wipe the inside of the vegetable cutter liberally. I have also used cooking spray to do this. You are creating a nonstick surface so the candy pops out easily.

3. Place lubricated veggie cutters on a cookie sheet covered on a baking mat or parchment paper.

4. Place one Jolly Rancher into each cutter. Bake for about 6 minutes.

5. Bend the top of the pipe cleaner over about an inch and twist it tightly in place. The point of this is to keep the sharp end of the piper cleaner away from little mouths. 

6. Remove from oven (do not worry if a tiny amount has leaked out) and place the folded side of the pipe cleaner into the melted candy.

7. Place candies into the refrigerator for about 10 minutes or until hard. 

8. Pop candies out by pushing your finger through the cutter. It should pop out quite easily. If not, you may not have applied enough oil. Place on dish towel.

9. Make the fun cupcake liner decoration/drool hand protector next! Do so by folding the liner in half and then again. Cut out a shape a half inch from the tip. Now cut a tiny portion of the tip off. Open it and slide the colorful side onto the Lolli Ring! 

And Viola!

Repeat with multiple liners for a fun effect!

Now twist the pipe cleaner on the end to form a ring and...


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