Scrap Paper Bowls

Do you have loads of scrap paper? Or should I say, do you have a child? Because if so, chances are you have loads of scrap paper! And that's exciting!

Awhile back we made a Handy Clock. See the blog! We cut 150(ish) hands from construction paper. Doing so, yielded a large volume of excess random pieces of construction paper. I could not bring myself to throw all of this paper out. And so it was born, the Scrap Paper Bowl.


*Glue Gun

*Jute Rope

*Scrap paper

*Mod Podge


*Foam brush


*Parchment or wax paper

*A small bowl or cup to stabilize balloon while working


1. Tape the inflated balloon down to the bowl or the cup you have chosen.

2. Using your foam brush, paint a thick layer of Mod Podge onto the balloon.

3. Begin to layer your scrap paper onto the balloon. It is best to use small pieces. Smaller pieces will lay flatter.

4. Continue layering until you have about 4 layers of scrap paper around the balloon. Be sure to pay attention to the area that will become the top edge of the bowl. You need to make sure the bowl is at least 4 layers thick to ensure stability.

The look of intense concentration!

5. After the bowl is finished, let it dry for about 4 hours.

6. Pop the balloon when the bowl is mostly dry. Cut the raw edge of the bowl to form a clean edge.

6. At this point, you can clean up the inside of the bowl by adding more scrap paper to your desired look. To do so, paint more Mod Podge on the interior with your foam brush. Layer on the scrap paper. Finish with a layer of Mod Podge. Allowed to dry overnight on wax or parchment paper.

7. Glue on the jute to give the bowl a finished look. We glued our jute on beginning with the top edge. We wrapped the jute around the outer side of the bowl twice. We then cut the jute and applied a fourth layer on the inside.

And now...

Go put awesome stuff into your bowls!

Thank you for reading!