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Shamrock Rainbow Magnets

Last week, we were siting in the mid 70's (Fahrenheit) at the park with t-shirts on. It was bright and the kids ran around with their faces towards the sun, smiling. It gave me hope; literal hope for the future. 

And yet last week we also had another bomb cyclone occur and our power went out. We made the best of it despite being inadequately prepared for, well, anything. As it turns out we didn't have a single flashlight, battery pack or available wood for the fireplace. Despite that, we made it fun and wouldn't you know, my kids cried when the power came back ON. *Dopeslap* That's what I get for being too fun in the face of adversity. Lesson learned.

We decided to make something green, rainbow-y and bright to remind us that with a bit of luck, (and change of perspective) there is always a colorful spot to be found. We also thought these would be fun for St. Patrick's' day! 

We used air dry clay to make these but cardboard, paper or salt dough would work great too! Just download the template and give it a go!


*Air dry clay

*Parchment paper

*Rolling pin



*Super glue

*Fine glitter (optional)

*Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple and Pink acrylic paint or whatever variation of the rainbow you'd like to make

*Paint brushes

*Shamrock Rainbow Template


1. Work clay in your hands until it is malleable. You need about 7 ounces. Roll to 1/4 inch thickness. Too thin and your clay will easily snap when dried.

2. Cut out template and place on clay. Use a knife to cut around the clay. Remove excess clay.

3. Dip your finger in water and smooth edges.

4. Optional- Use a knife edge to create the shamrock and rainbow edges.

5. Lift carefully from parchment paper and smooth edges. Place on a clean, dry surface to dry. Dry according to manufactures's specifications.

6. Paint each rainbow color and apply glitter as you go. Then paint the shamrocks. Allow paint to dry.

7. Use strong glue such as super glue to apply a magnet to the back. Let dry.

Hang it on the fridge and admire!

You could easily make these from cardboard, paper or card stock! So many choices for your shamrock rainbows!


Have a great day crafty buds.

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