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The Case For Salt Dough

Slow clap for salt dough.

I am here to tell you that salt dough is one of the greatest crafting materials in the history of materials. Some people will not agree. That may be in part, due to the length of time salt dough requires in the oven. Do not let that dissuade you.

"For fasting acting relief, try slowing down." -Lily Tomlin

The Almighty Salt Dough

Salt dough is extremely versatile! You can basically make anything from it! I haven't tried making a house but there is still time. Fancy a car made of salt dough? Anything is possible! And now I will list the various reasons why salt dough is a fabulous medium for crafting.

1. Salt dough is environmentally friendly!

2. Salt dough is CHEAP!

3. Salt dough is easy!

4. And just to drive this one home, Salt dough is extremely versatile!

Check out some of our salt dough creations:

'Build a Cactus' with Salt Dough pieces!

These are the pieces to the 'Build a Cactus' Game! Place the salt dough on skewers before cooking! The salt dough will harden around the skewer! Stick the pieces in the beans for stability!

Salt dough sticks and Robin eggs!

Salt dough Nesting Earth!

As you can see, there is really no limit to the crafting, creating potential of salt dough!

Now for the nitty gritty. Salt dough does take time. It needs to cook low and slow to prevent puffing up or cracking. You must give it its proper time to cook, harden and cure. In my experience however, if you are working with large pieces of salt dough (See our Salt Dough Geodes in the tutorial section), you just need the outer layer to be fully cooked. The inner part will harden over time. I paint my salt dough creations before they are fully hard. That's largely because I'm impatient (Repeat after Lily, Repeat after Lily). But I have found that painting them while the interior is still pliable/bendy/not hard does not render ill effects on the outcome of the project. You do want the salt dough to be cool prior to painting.

See our Salt Dough Geode Tutorial for more info on the process of working with salt dough!

Until we meet again, good crafting buds. Thank you for reading!

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