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Unique Nature Crafts

Nature provides the greatest source of inspiration. The natural world around us is in constant flux. It ebbs and flows with changes in color, and texture. Take a single snapshot of the same spot for an extended amount of time, and you won't believe the changes you see.

When it comes to crafting, nature provides the most exquisite and unique materials to work with. And the way to acquisition of these materials is paved in healthy doses of oxygen and Vitamin D.

Get outside friends. Take your kids, a large bag and grab as much of the natural world as you can stuff into it. Run home and start tinkering! Just handling these materials provides a lesson in texture, color, shapes, size, etc. The list is extensive!

Here are a few ideas for crafting with natural materials:

These make a super beautiful display on the window. They catch the light in a really lovely way. They would also look gorgeous on a Christmas tree. In fact, I may put my Christmas tree up early just to decorate it with these. Get the tutorial here.

2. Pinecone Peacocks

These Pinecone Peacocks are really fun AND easy to make! Simply remove some scales between the upper and lower, or breast and tail, of the bird and paint! Use a pointy object like a skewer to put the eyes on the tail feathers. You can add a little yarn on the stem to create a head feather. Come to think of it, several of these would look stunning on a Christmas tree too!

The kiddos and I had a ton of fun making these masks! We collected a bunch of leaves at the local park and rushed home to put them all together. It only made sense to turn them into masks! These leaves are bigger than two of our heads combined! Read more about this leaf and get the how to here.

4. Dehydrated Apple Art

This is one of my favorites! I love the smell of dehydrating apples! It fills the home with such a pleasant scent! Though this activity (and most of my activities) may take time to create (much more on this subject forthcoming!), it is totally worth it! The end result is stunning. Find the tutorial here.

We made a wreath from some dehydrated apples too! Check it out!

We used pinecones, sweet gum pods, and dehydrated apples to make this lovely Autumn wreath!

5. Unicone Headpiece

This craft is made almost entirely from pinecones! That's right! It looks ridiculously cute atop a child's head. It's like a bonnet, only more magical and made from pinecones. Find the tutorial here.

We used a household item to preserve these petals. This process is super easy and looks lovely! I bet you can't guess how we did it! Check the tutorial here!

It is my hope that these activities have inspired you to get outside! There is simply nothing better for you or your kids to do. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

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