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Cozy Sweaters

For a brief moment, I had hope for spring. That was fleeting with the onset of two snowstorms in one week however. I'm ok with it though. I actually love winter. What's more? I love wearing cozy sweaters. And I love reading good books to my kiddos while wearing a cozy sweater. What's even more? I love making cozy sweaters, while wearing a cozy sweater after reading about cozy sweaters. I'd say that's downright... well ...cozy.

We were inspired to make these sweaters after a friend of the family gave us a new book. The title of the book is, "The Princess and the Pony". Have you read this book? It's quite a charmer! The illustrations are bright and bold and the story line is fun. The little Princess learns that the course of one's life can change at anytime, for genrally unexpected reason! Check out the book for all the details!

Let's get started, getting cozy, shall we?


*Cereal box




*Pom poms, stickers, gems, etc


1. Download Sweater Template and cut it out.

2. Cut open cereal box on one side and lay it flat.

3. Trace around the template and cut out.

4. Wrap yarn around the sweater, Get creative! Have fun and mix up colors! Get cozy.

5. Adorn sweaters with pom poms, stickers, and gems as desired. Optional: Turn into a garland!

Look at that fine motor practice! So much fun!

Have a great day fellow crafters, mamas and good people of the world!

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