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Toolbox Father's Day Card

Do you have a tool loving father in your life? Father's Day is June 17th, 2018 here in the United States. Grab your free printable and make a custom card for him! You can write your own notes, color them or add whatever details you think he might like!

These cards are pretty fun to make. You'll need just a couple of things to do so! Let's get on with it!


*3 sheets of white cards stock per card


*Glue stick


1. Print the Toolbox and Tool Printables.

2. Cut out the toolbox. Cut the "lid" of the toolbox up to about an inch from the top. Do not cut it off the rest of the box.

3. Use a glue stick to attach the toolbox to a blank sheet of card stock. Be sure not to glue the lid down.

4. Color and cut out tools. Write a special note in the blank nut. Embellish the tools as desired! Place inside of toolbox.

5. Hand it to your papa and give him a big ole hug!

Happy Day to all the papas out there!

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