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Ginkgo Leaf Scrape Art

This process came about while creating something entirely unrelated. As I started pulling and moving the paint around with the leaf itself, I realized this process is A) wicked fun and B) creates a sorta marbling effect that is really just gorgeous. It truly is a process oriented craft that even a 16 month old could do. I'm personally quite exited to see these hung in some sort of banner or garland type application. Because, well, just look at them.

Part of the fun of this process is using the leaf to move the paint around and of course, getting super messy! Tactile experiences provide great sensory enrichment for our kiddos!

Let's get on with it. Shall we?


*Ginkgo leaves (other small, stiff leaves would work)

*Acrylic paint

*Large tablecloth, mat


1. Squirt paint on paper in any fashion. You could put the paint in line near each other or in dollops separately on the page.

2. Grab the ginkgo leaf in your hand and place in the paint. Scrap it along the paper. Lift it up and have a look. Like what you see? Lay it off to the side to dry.

3. Repeat until you've had your fill of great sensory and artful fun!

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