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The Wonderful Journey

Put on your wet suit because we are taking a magical or more precisely 'wonderful journey' from the beautiful island waters of Hawaii to the majestic and serene waters of Alaska.

Follow along as Kanani and her mother, two friendly humpback whales, take their yearly trip to the cold waters of Alaska in search of food. Along the way, you will meet many different aquatic species that teach children about marine diversity. From Kumu, the old goatfish to the graceful narwhals, The Wonderful Journey by author Gill McBarnet is filled with adventure! The Wonderful Journey is complete with lovely and soothing illustrations in a muted blue and grey color palette. You can find the book to purchase here!

We decided to create a paper plate craft that summarizes the migration of Kanani and her mother! With this craft, children can express themselves creatively while considering the overarching story line of the humpback whale migration from Hawaii to Alaska. Check out the tutorial and find the templates below!


*2 nine inch plates per craft



*Glue stick


1. Print off each template provided above.

2. Color in the krill and flowers as desired.

3. Cut out the Kanani template and place it on one paper plate. Place the backside of the whale on the edge of the plate. Trace around it. Cut it out.

4. Color your whale as desired.

5. Color your second plate to look like the ocean.

6. Glue on the flower, the bear and the krill around the plate. Optional: Cut out the words Alaska and Hawaii. Label your pictures.

7. Use your brad to poke a hole through the Kanani plate (the dot on the template) into the center of the ocean plate.

8. Spin Kanani to follow the migration and find the krill! Be sure to grab a copy of The Wonderful Journey! Or head over to Brainy Beginnings Network Instagram to enter the giveaway!

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