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Nutty Angels

I looked up from my spot at the dining room table to find a bowl of nuts. It appeared my husband had devoured all the so called "best" nuts in the bowl. There were two ways I could've looked at that situation. A. I could've been ticked that he didn't share any of those pecans with me ORRR B. I could begin to craft with the low lives of the nut bowl.

As I grabbed the almonds and hazelnuts from the bowl to lay before me, I noticed a distinct wing shape appear. It seems I had my very own Jesus-Of-The-Burned-Toast moment... (have you seen that?) only this was with nuts. And it wasn't Jesus but an angel... A Nutty Angel to be exact.


*Almonds - 3 per angel

*Hazelnuts - 1 per angel


*6" Piper cleaners

*Corded ribbon

*Hot glue/gun


1. Glue the hazelnut onto one of the almonds.

2. Glue wings on either side.