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Rainbow Turtles

Apparently a group of turtles is called a bale. In this case, our group of turtles will be named a Rainbale. Certainly seems appropriate given their very colorful shells, right? I think I'd pay big money to walk around with a rainbow shell on my back. Having a rainbow shell means that even while I am napping, I'm still making people happy with my bright and beautiful colors.

Off to build my rainbow shell...

These Rainbow Turtles are made entirely of pasta! That means they do not produce much waste and will easily decompose. Given that most of the crafting done nowadays is quick, this idea will at least help to reduce overall crafting waste. AND! It's kinda cute, right?

Let's get on with it!


*Manicotti shells

*Jumbo Shells


*Hot glue/gun

*Acrylic paint



1. For one turtle on a log, you will need 1 manicotti shell, 1 orecchiete and 1 jumbo shell.

2. Hot glue the orecchiete into the underside of the jumbo shell. You may need to dump a few out to find the pieces that fit together.

3. Glue the jumbo shell onto the manicotti shell.

4. Paint!

5. Play!

Have a wonderful day!

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