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Dancing Fish

Whilst perusing Pinterest one evening I stumbled upon a ceramic fish wind chime by Anthropologie. Immediately, I knew I needed to create something similar...but with egg cartons. Because A) it seems obvious in this application and B) egg cartons are the epitome of versatile, despite the very defined shape. I'm telling you, they are pretty rad to work with. Find out why egg cartons are fun and find egg carton inspiration here and here.

Check out the beautiful ceramic fish inspiration by Anthropologie:

Isn't that lovely? I personally love the muted color palette on this piece. However I find I'm drawn to bright and bold colors while crafting with kids.

Now to make your own version! This one is very kid friendly and also makes a cool sound!


Egg cartons

Paint of choice (we used acrylic)


Goggly eyes

Hot glue/gun


Embroidery thread


1. Cut the bottom round portion of the egg carton out. (The portion that cradles the egg.) You will need 5 pieces per fish. For the fin, you will need to cut a larger piece out, fold it in half and cut out a fin shape.

2. Paint the outside and the inside of your fish pieces. Let dry.

3. Use a needle with embroidery thread to string your fish together. Cut a piece of thread about 8 inches long. Make a loop in one end, thread the needle with the other. Sew through the under side of the fish fin. Pull through until you meet the loop.

4. Make a double knot a half an inch above the fin. Sew through the underside of the next piece. Continue until the entire fish is sewn together.

5. Once you have sewn through the head piece make a loop at the top.

6. Bend the sides of the head piece in to form a triangular shape. Glue on eyes.

7. Make your fishy DANCE!

Enjoy your fun creations! Have a wonderful day!

Mary Alice xx


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