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Egg Belly Pandas

Things that come to mind when you think of spring...go: Flowers, bunnies, carrots, eggs, and pandas. Pandas? What! Pandas don't actually remind me of spring. But they do have little white bellies that resemble eggs and look super, duper, uper cute. Egg Belly Pandas it is!

These Lil Pandas sit up really cute too! They would look absolutely adorable on an Easter or springtime party table! So what are you waiting for? Hard boil some eggs!


*Hard boiled eggs

*White acrylic paint/brush

*Black Sharpie



1. Print Panda Template. Cut out.

2. Trace template on cardboard. Cut out.

3. Grab a hard boiled egg. You have two options here. Either A. Lay the egg on it's side (to create a larger belly) or B. Hold the egg with it's rounded side down on the Panda's belly. Trace around it. Cut out.

4. Begin to define the panda shape with your Sharpie. Draw around the ears and face. See pics below!

Draw a circle in the face and two lines to separate the arms from the legs.

Add "elephant ears" to the circle and a nose.

5. Use your sharpie to color in al the black sections. Paint the other sections white. You can leave he marks around the eyes unpainted until the paint dries, then fill in. I find that a bit easier.

Place your egg in the hole! Love on your adorable Egg Belly Panda! Try setting a table with your Panda! Tag #brainybeginningsnetwork!

Happy Day to all you Party Pandas! Have a great day with your family!


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