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Egg Carton Garland

I'm not going to lie. Eggs are my favorite food. I like them scrambled for breakfast, in a sammie for lunch and baked in a dish for dinner. They are just about the most versatile and nutritious food out there. I also like to play with them. Things I wish I could lie about: The chicken industry, the harmful ways chickens are treated, the wasteful packaging of eggs, so on and so forth.

I'd like to have chickens of my own and I will one day. They will be gloriously treated birds. I will respect them as they should be respected. Until then I will try to be mindful of where I buy my eggs and the packaging waste that comes along with them. One thing to do with your egg cartons is create this garland! It's super colorful and will last for a very long time! It's easy to make and can be customized to your taste. So many possibilities! Gather: Egg cartons Yarn Hot glue/gun Paint Scissors

Create: 1. Paint Egg carton bottoms desired color. Let dry.

2. Cut out the dry bottoms. You want only the round bottom section.

3. Cut a piece of yarn to your desired garland length. 4. Make a tassel by wrapping yarn around your hand until you have a thick amount. Cut it from your ball of yarn. Remove it from your hand and cut one end open to form long pieces of yarn. Fold the yarn pieces over the long piece of yarn you cut for your garland. Now cut a short piece of yarn to tie around your tassel below the yarn used to string your garland. Make a double knot. 5. Cut a slit on each side of your egg cartons and slip it over your yarn. Apply glue to the underneath side and to the tassel.

6. Repeat until you have a garland as long as desired! Now hang at a party or in your kiddos room! It's a great pop of color. Have a wonderful day!


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