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Hosta Mice

Imagine a world where all animal whiskers were made of honey suckle. This is a world where the mere act of animals walking near you would fill your airspace with intense nostalgia. Pet your dog and you may end up dreaming about grassy fields laden with the sweet white and yellow blooms. You may be transported to a day when you first discovered the sweet taste of honey suckle. Even little mice would have trails of the divine scent following them as they scurry through the basement or in your garden. This is a place I'd like to be.

What do you think a world of honey suckle whiskered animals might be like? Ask the kiddos and write a story about it! Use this craft to engage their imaginations! Ready? Set! GO!


Hosta Leaves

Pink petals

Leaves for ears

Honeysuckle pistil and stamens

Twig, or flexible part of a bush for the tail


White and black paint or paint markers

Optional: Tape of stapler


1. Fold or cut the Hosta leaf in half. You may tape it down or staple it if desired.

2. Cut off the stem. Add a white dot to begin the eye. Allow to dry.

3. Use two leaves for the ears. You can tape or staple these in place if desired. Add a pop of pink petal to the inside of the ear.

4. Lay the twig, or in our case, early rose buds with stems for the tail. Tape or staple if desired.

5. Add a pink petal for a cheek. We used Begonia petals.

6. Remove the pistil and stamen from the honeysuckle flower. Lay down near the mouse nose. (You could glue these in place if you plan to move this guy around.) Add other small flowers at the base of nose if desired. Add another pink petal for the nose.

7. Finish the eye with a black center and two-4 white dots for dimension.

Now get amped to write a story about animals with Honeysuckle whiskers! How would the world be different if that were the case? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Have a wonderful day!

Mary Alice xx


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