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I Carrot About You Valentine's Card

What's better than a Valentine's day card? A Valentine's Day card that doubles as a bookmark! Whoop! These little carrots make the cutest little book place holder and serve as a constant reminder that YOU ARE LOVED.

Of course we had to include a very Good-Bad Pun in our Valentine's Card-bookmark. That's how we roll round these parts. See also our Banana Valentine's, our punny Science cards and our Heart Fans! So many ways to say I love you with Brainy Style.


*Orange cardstock



*Green yarn

*Hole punch


1. Print the carrot template. Cut it out.

2. Trace the template onto cardstock. Cut out the carrots.

3. Punch a hole in the top of each carrot.

4. Cut two 4 inch or so pieced of yarn per card. Fold one piece of yarn in half. Pull the loop through to the back of the card. Pull the two loose ends through the loop. Repeat. Add another dimension with knots at the end of each piece yarn.

5. Write the best Good-Bad Pun ever: I Carrot About You on the card. Hand this lovely book mark/card combo to your loved ones and smile knowing you have brightened someone's day!

Cheers friends! Happy Valentine's Day!


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