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Milk Jug Plant Holder

Fernie is her name. She is a milk jug turned plant holder turned fabulous decoration turned gift. She is well liked here at the Brainy HQ. I think we will gift her to my good bud, Caitlin. Fernie is pretty fun and she looks cool in my sunroom. (Maybe I should keep her?) Making a Fernie of your own is pretty easy too! You could use any milk jug but I particularly like the shape of the milk jug from Costco.

Go raid the recycling bin and make a Fernie of your very own.


Milk jug

Gold spray paint

Black Sharpie pen

Pink Felt

Hot glue/gun

Box Cutter


1. Rinse out your milk jug very well. Remove any milk residue. Make sure the outside is also free from debris.

2. With the opening facing down, use your box cutter to remove the bottom portion of the jug. Leave two pointy sections for the top of the head.

3. Cut a portion out on each side of the head to allow the plant to fall over the sides, effectively creating hair.

4. Spray paint the head gold. Allow to dry.

5. Use the Black Sharpie Paint to draw on eyes, nose and a mouth. See Fernie for inspiration!

6. Cut out two pink felt circles. Glue on to the jug face.

7. Use your favorite plant to create hair. We think a fern makes fabulous locks. (And obviously a fern provides an opportunity to call her Fernie, which is equally cool.)

Scoop in some potting mix, nestle in the root ball of your plant and add more potting soil. Be sure to water your plant!

Have a wonderful day! xx


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