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Paper Plate Rainbow Roosters

First of all, a giant thank you to everyone for your love on our Snail Houses! It's been such a pleasure to hear all the positive feedback. Truly, I say thank you, thank you! Secondly, rainbow roosters. Need I go on? HA! These little guys are a breeze to make and they are fairly fool proof. Toss some plates at your kiddos and walk away. (Wouldn't that be great?) Obviously, crafts with kids is always more than tossing a few materials at them but with these roosters, your work is fairly minimal. I promise.

You will need only a handful of supplies to make these unless you are in the mood to keep adding. It's always fun to throw yarn, poms, and various notions at a project to see what may come of it. Play around with the basic shape of the roosters. Move on and make these your own! Let's get on with it!


Paper plates without a large rim (otherwise cut off the rim)


Red paper

Googly eyes

White glue or hot glue/gun

Optional :

Bubble wrap

Acrylic paint in rainbow colors



1 Cut 2 rim-less paper plates in half.

2. Use one half to create the breast of the rooster. Use one half to create the head and next. Finally the third half will become the feathers.

3. Glue each piece in place. Depending on the direction you place the head and neck piece, you may need to trim some off.

To make the roosters rainbow;

1 Grab enough bubble wrap to lay your rooster down flat.

2. Pain the bubble wrap with a thin coat of Acrylic paint in a rainbow.

3. Lay your rooster front side down on the bubble wrap. Press all sides.

4. Pull the rooster off and lay paint side up to dry.

Once the paint has dried, cut out feathers for the head and a wattle from the red paper. Glue on the googly eyes and enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you again for all the support!

Mary Alice xx


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