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Pasta Spiders

My memoir will surely include chapters such as "The Pasta Years", "Excessive Fixation on Jumbo Pasta" and "Was it Art or Food; Her Desire to Transcend Artful Mediums and How it Revolutionized the World". Or not. One thing is for sure, pasta is no joke. It's hecka fun to play around with and we won't stop, can't stop. The kids love it (Almost as much as I do!) and they learn from our pasta creating shenanigans. That's all worth it to me.

Isn't it uncanny how versatile the jumbo pasta shape is though? Unbelievable. See also, our Pasta Snails and our Rainbow Turtles!

Look at that face. Squeeze me!


Jumbo pasta shells

Elbow macaroni

Pom poms

Googly eyes

Hot glue/gun

Acrylic paint/brushes

Yarn (Optional)


1. Glue 8 elbow macaroni legs on the spider body. The further down you glue them, the more likely it is that your spider will stand!

2. Paint you spider in your desired colors and patterns! Let dry.

3. Glue on pom for head. Add googly eyes!

4. Optional: Glue one end of the yarn inside of the "abdomen", neatly coil and leave the other end out. Enjoy pulling out the "web"! Yay!

Have a wonderful and Happy Fallidays, friends!


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