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Pasta Sunburst

Basically, I'm going to lock myself in a room and make as many of these Pasta Sunbursts as possible. And frankly, given the state of the infected world, that's not going to be difficult. I imagine I can spend maybe the next two years making these minimalist pasta creations. I will emerge covered in gold paint, mad in the eyes and excited to install my dining room wall with fun gold, somewhat aquatic in appearance, creations. While I'm gone, feel free to make some of your own! In fact, please do! They are really quite fun!

These lil modern pasta sunburst are pretty easy to make! They pack a big minimalist design element into a space and look pretty rad. I can imagine painting them all gold and assembling an installation across my wall. In fact, that is going to happen. *See the part about not leaving my room for months. To make your own, you don't need many materials but you will want to allow so time to create. It's not that they take a long time, it's just that you will want to take a long time. And you should, because you deserve it.


*Pasta in various shapes:



Giant pasta shells



Hot glue/gun

Spray paint in desired colors




1 .To make the spaghetti starburst, you will need to cut a small circle from cardboard.

2. Add hot glue to a portion of the circle and begin adding spaghetti noodles. Break them in half or use the long pieces. Continue gluing and adding more noodles until you have completely surround the circle.

3. Glue the giant shell in the center. At this point, you can add more spaghetti noodles, piece by piece if desired, until you have what you love! Spray paint in your desired color!

4. To create the white sunburst, cut a cardboard circle. Apply hot glue and lay the noodles in layers over each other.

5. Continue adding until you love it! Add farfalle to the center. You can also snap the ends to create a certain angle. Spray paint in desired color.

6. For the fettuccini designs simply glue each piece perpendicular over the one below it. Continue adding until you have what you like! Add other types of pasta to the center! Once finished, spray paint in desired color.

And viola! You have stunning Pasta Sunbursts!

To hang, glue a piece of ribbon to the back. Hang on a nail or removable hook.

One thing to note is that the spaghetti noodles can be a bit fragile. You can try this activity with kiddos but it might be frustrating. I suggest keeping this one for yourself.

Have a great day!

Mary Alice xx


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