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Pressed Flower Kitties

Many years ago on a one, Halloween night, the sweetest little black kitty came to my door. She was quite insistent she be let in. I was hesitant to do so given I'd never seen her before and did not know where she came from. (This was before I owned a computer, cellphone or car even! I wasn't sure how to reach out to the neighborhood at large and see if she was missing.) I gave her some food and water and hoped she would find her way back to the home she presumably had. She never left. I named her Abby. At the time, I wouldn't have thought our friendship would last for 15 years.

On that note, let this be an Ode to AbbyCat.

If you've been with me for sometime, you may have noticed our (my) love of nature or more precisely, flowers. I've really gotten into pressing flowers. Having a bounty of pressed flowers means we can create so many cool things! Kitties seemed like a natural craft idea, given the geometric shapes pressed flowers exhibit. Plus, Halloween! The coolest thing about this craft however is the fact that it will last forever!

Let's get started!





Mod Podge

Paint brushes

Dried Flowers, stems, leaves, etc.


1. Use a pencil to loosely trace a kitten shape. Try either a body or go a bit simpler with a round face and triangular ears. Reference our kittens for inspiration. Erase and continue until you are satisfied with your kitty shape.

2. Cut out the cardboard.

3. Arrange and lay out your your dried flowers until you have achieved something you like!

5. Starting in one small area, remove the flowers and apply a thick layer of Mod Podge. Put the dried flowers back into the arrangement. Apply Mod Podge over the flowers. You will want to cover the entire surface with a layer of Mod Podge.

Continue on until your kitty is complete! Allow to dry and admire profusely.

My daughter made this one. So happy!

A few more for your viewing pleasure:

I hope you enjoy this idea! Share it with us! Tag #Brainybeginningsnetwork!

Have a wonderful day!

Mary Alice xx


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