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Yarn Wrapped Bats

Enter planking board, stage left. With a menacing presence; large and unyielding, this is a modern torture device. One that became overly necessary after a pandemic spread through the modern world, or more precisely through the United States. The forced sedentary lifestyle mixed with self loathing take out orders resulted in much more than my pants could contain. Sigh. At least I have my health? But what is really important about this story is that inspiration comes on the planking board. Today the synapse released a neat version of bats. Thanks brain! Welcome to the world, Yarn Wrapped Bats.

I think you may be pleased to see the materials list does NOT involve paint or glue! Essentially, this is the cleanest craft ever. I'm not personally convinced that equals great craft but I do know that many people appreciate it. Furthermore, these can be stored away until next year. For that reason alone, I'd say these are a win.






Wooden clothespins


1. Lay your clothespin on cardboard about an inch off the bottom edge. Draw a wing on one side of the clothespin with the center of the cardboard (between the two wings) wide enough to hold a clothespin. Draw the other wing. Be sure to leave an inch of the clothespin at the bottom so that you can slide these onto something to hang!

2. Cut out the bat. Push the cardboard wings into the clothespin.

3. Begin to wrap the bats. Slide one end of the yarn up the clothespin. Wrap the yarn in many directions.

4. Continue until the entire bat is covered. At this point, you could add googly eyes or draw tiny feet. Or leave them as is.

5. Hang your bat upside down! Like this ----->

or from a light fixture, like this --------->

Enjoy your bats! Happy Fallidays!

Mary Alice xx


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