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Teeny Tiny Donuts

Tiny Donuts 1_edited.jpg

Donuts are awesome. I think that's a universally agreed upon thing. I especially love how varied donuts have become lately. From bacon and chocolate to green velvet, donuts have become another artists' canvas. How great is that?

Tiny Donuts 2_edited.jpg

Of course for every miraculous thing like the donut, there is a downside. You simply shouldn't eat very many of them. In order to indulge our sweet tooth while maintaining a semblance of healthy behavior, we made our Teeny Tiny Donuts from BANANAS! 

These are super easy and my girl loved making them! She's been sick for a couple days and this activity really improved her mood. She even ate a couple!



*Chocolate chip

*Whipping cream

*Cutting board




*Large bore straw (think sippy cup size)


1. Cut bananas into 1/2 inch slices.

2. Hold the outside of the banana piece while slowly inserting the straw. Remove the inner piece from the banana.

3. Place banana pieces on a plate or cutting board while you prepare the chocolate ganache. This is the recipe we used.

Tiny Donuts  process 3.jpg

4. Using your fingers, dip one side of the banana into chocolate and place back on plate. Repeat until all have been covered. 

5. Apply other delightful and delicious things like sprinkles, and icing to complete your Teeny Tiny Donuts.

Tiny Donuts  process  4.jpg

Serve your donuts immediately or freeze completely for little ice cream like banana bombs. Keep frozen until ready to eat. They will not thaw well. 

Tiny Donuts  process 1.jpg

My sick baby enjoying some creative time.

Check out what she created:

Tiny Donuts  process 2.jpg

We hope you enjoy this process as much as we did! Tag us on all the Socials if you try! Have a great day!

Tiny Donuts 1_edited.jpg
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