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Bunny (Butt)Bread

I've officially gone down the rabbit hole. If you read my post for the Bunny Pom Pom Pillows, you'd understand. (Oh and these bunny bags.) It's not me, it's just bunny season. You know how prolific bunnies are! They can't be stopped. Neither can my desire to turn everything into a bunny.

But bunnies are delightful! Wouldn't you agree? 

This Bunny Bread was inspired by Italian Easter Bread. You know the stuff?  It's a really lovely Easter tradition of bread with eggs baked inside. Typically the eggs are dyed prior to baking but can be left white and decorated after. Often the bread is covered in a sweet glaze. There are savory versions too! Read more about the interesting history of Italian Easter Bread here.

I see this bread becoming a tradition in our family. It's fun (and easy) to make and the kiddos love the little bunny butts! 

I thought it was appropriate to place the bunny on a pile of greens, as if to be digging, naturally! But also it's delicious! Place the egg in an egg cup and crack the top. Now dip the bread in the egg and pile on the baby greens...MMMMM, scrumptious. And good for you! The peppers on the feet add a slight sweetness that is a perfect accompaniment to the creamy egg yolk and the soft greens. Alternately, you can cook the eggs a bit longer for a "hard boiled" consistency. Read on for the deets!


* Crescent Rolls (Or make the bread!) One cylinder yields 5 Bunny Butts

*5 uncooked whole eggs 

*2 large red bell pepper


*Cutting board


*Small oval vegetable cutter (you can use a knife for this part)

*Parchment paper or reusable liner

*Half cookie sheet


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Pop crescent rolls and unroll the contents on a clean, dry surface.

3. You will notice the rolls are pre-scored. Use one triangle to make the butt or disc portion of the bunny. Use HALF of one triangle to create the TWO feet.

4. Lay parchment paper or liner on cookie sheet.

5. Roll one triangle into a ball and place on cookie sheet. Spread the ball into a flat disc of about 3 inches in diameter. Use one half of another triangular piece to create TWO small ovals for the feet.

6. Place the ovals on the disc and press down. 

7. Use a knife to slice the top of the bell pepper. Cut in half. Cut an oval shape for the foot pad or use an oval vegetable cutter. Use a straw to create the small pads, 6 per bunny. Press firmly and blow the pieces out.

8. Place the pads in the feet.

9. Place egg in disc section to resemble the tail. Now, depending on how you like your eggs, do the following: 

A. For hard boiled eggs, place egg on bunny and cook for the entire time.

B. For soft, dippable, delicious eggs, leave eggs off the bunny until the last 8-10 minutes of cooking.

10. Cook the bread for 20 minutes or until slightly browned. Serve hot! 

What do you think? Is this something your kiddos would enjoy for Easter breakfast or brunch?


Leave a note below!

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