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Bunny Pom Pom Pillow

I think we can all agree the four seasons of the year are: summer, fall, winter and bunny. Bunny season is really a wonderful time of the year. Magically, everywhere you look, you see an adorable bunny! It's become quite clear that the prolific nature of bunnies extends far beyond actual, live bunnies. But rather bunnies seem to multiply exponentially in a myriad of shapes and sizes, inanimate and all. It's an unstoppable commercial trend that, we bunny lovers, can really rely on. I'm ok with it. I love bunnies. I love chocolate bunnies, stuffed animal bunnies, bunny shaped cookies, bunny cakes, bunny books... (insert Bubba Gump) I love bunny statues, bunny slippers, bunny ring pops... and so on.


But yet, I needed more. 


I needed a vintage appearing bunny pillow with pom pom tails.

And so it was born. 

These are pretty simple to create! I promise! They require minimal sewing, a little bit of printing and a bunch of Poly-Fil stuffing. The kiddos can help with many aspects of this process too! At the end of the day, you'll have beautiful, whimsical pillows for your bunny season decoration rotation. 

Let's get started!


*1 yard of fabric

*3z oz bag of poly-fil

*Sewing machine

*White thread

*Bunny stamp (Find template here)

*White acrylic paint

*Fabric medium

*Pom Poms

*Fabric glue

*Foam sheet (Or egg carton lid- Read on!)




1. Wash fabric and iron flat.

2. Make stamp using bunny template. Find instructions here. Add a handle to the back of the foam sheet by cutting a strip of foam. Hot glue it to the back  for easy handling of the foam. Or you can try using an egg carton lid to create your stamp, like we did. Using the egg carton, we have discovered, creates a vintage look. It takes a bit of practice to get it right but it's a fun and cheap way to stamp! 

3.  Measure and mark fabric to create two 19 inch squares. Use a measuring tape to do so. I typically mark off my measurements with pins but you could use fabric markers.


4. Cut out two 19 inch squares. Print bunnies on to one square. Arrange the stamp randomly as you print. Really mix it up. Let dry.

5. Pin squares right side together. Sew together using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Leave a 4 inch opening on one side for the poly-fil.

6. Turn pillow out. Iron it flat. 

7. Sew a 1.5 inch border on the pillow.

8. Stuff pillow with Poly-Fil. Pin the open end and sew it closed. First sew the border edge, then close the outer most opening.

9. Glue on pom poms for the tails, press firmly until pom poms are in place and set!


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