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Dried Stick Terrariums

Terrariums are cool. They hold plants and look amazing on the wall. They also function as a great STEAM activity for your slightly older child. Hand them some sticks, a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors and see what they can come up with. Alternately create your own beautiful terrarium (or 6) for your wall.

You could use any sticks to create these however we found some dried Hydrangea stalks. They are hollow allowing them to be cut really easily. If you know where to find Hydrangea stalks, I highly recommend using them. The hydrangea stalk will be much easier for kids to handle. They are also a beautiful light wood, making them airy and gorgeous on the wall!


*Hydrangea stalks or another type of dried (preferably hollow) stick


*Hot glue/gun

*Parchment paper


1. Have a look at the shape of our terrariums. We went for a very geometric look.

Here is more inspiration:

Aren't these just lovely? We considered spray painting ours in a matte, vintage gold color but the natural wood color matches our home perfectly.

2. After you have decided the shape you would like to build, begin to cut the pieces. I recommend starting with one part, say the base triangle and building from there...cutting and gluing as you go.

We angled some of the edges to create a more perfect junction. It looks great doing this but just gluing the blunt edges together works well too!

3. Continue building, cutting and gluing until you have created the shape you desire. Refer to your inspiration pieces as you go.

4. Cut off any excess dried glue.

5. Place your air plants inside and hang your beauties on the wall!

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