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Cereal Box Beehives

Remember those Acorn Bees we made? You know, the little acorns with pumpkin seed wings? Ah, yes, those Acorn Bees! Well friends, they got a facelift! We painted those little bee buddies with yellow and gave them a hive to fly around. It looks really neat hanging from a branch. Check it out!

The bees have become so cheery with their little color pop. Don't they look swell buzzing around next to their hive?

There is more to this picture however. And it would be a great injustice if you did not see it.

I mean, what is this magic anyway? Max Headfern looks amazing with a beehive! lol.

To make the beehive, Gather:

Cereal box

Bubble wrap

Yellow acrylic paint

Paint brush


Find the Acorn Bee Tutorial HERE.


1. Open your cereal box on all sides. Slide your finger or scissors under the glue sides to open completely.

2. Use a pencil to draw a beehive shape on the printed side of the box. Think about drawing three long ovals on top of each other, starting with a large thin oval on the bottom and creating smaller, thin ovals as you go up. Create an upside down U shape for the entrance.

3. Cut it out.

4. Apply yellow paint to the bubble wrap, evenly across the surface.

5. Put the unprinted side of the beehive down flat on the paint covered bubble wrap. Pull off and allow to dry.

6. Attach a string to the back if desired to hang from a branch. Do so with glue or tape.

Hang from a tree clipping! Make some acorn bees to hang around the hive! Add yellow paint to the bees and make it POP!

Have a wonderful day!

Mary Alice xx


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