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Citrus Seashells

You should see how we risk our lives to collect these seashells. The red flag warnings will be up at the shore but pay no attention. Nothing can come between us and our crafting supplies! Ha! There are just.too.many.things to do with clam shells! Remember the Watermelon Shells we made? (Try not to judge those terrible pictures- Fingers crossed, my photography skills have improved since then.) After another fun beach day, we decided to our fruity collection and now you can too! Read on!

These babies really scream summer, huh? With all their citrusy, beachy shell-ness, they are perfect for relaxing after a beach day or perhaps as a decoration on a table! You could even tur them into a garland! Imagine some brightly colored tassels and poms in between the shells! And the best part, this will last forever!


Clam shells

Acrylic paint in Orange, Yellow, Lime Green and White (or use a white paint pen!)

Paint brushes


1. Clean your shells well. Let them dry.

2. Apply a basecoat of each color. Add more layers as needed.

3. Notice the ridges running across the shell. Add white paint along one of those to create the separation of peel and meat (edible fruit).

4. Add white triangles to the line.

5. Now, paint an elongated "U" from one tringle to the other, dipping down in the center to create the fruit sections. See Picture.

6. From the tip of each point, extend a line to the other side of the shell.

7. Add seeds! You did it! I recommend you cover these with Mod Podge or some other sealant to protect them from the elements, should you decide to put them outside.

Have a wonderful summer!

Mary Alice xx


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