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Sneaky Rabbit Puppet

It's Earth Day! Though we take everyday to celebrate the Earth, having a special day dedicated to our mother is fantastic and worthy of attention! We try very hard here at the Brainy HQ to be mindful of our crafting impact. We take our carbon footprint very seriously and hope to inspire other crafters to do the same thing. This has been a pillar of Brainy Beginnings since its inception nearly 4.5 years ago! Thank you for being here and for believing in the cause! Happy Earth Day, today and everyday!

This lil guy was super fun to make! You only need a few supplies and you've got yourself a sneaky rabbit in action! Check it out!

See that sneaky, cheeky fella? Digging all the carrots out with reckless abandon! Good thing he's adorable and we actually enjoy feeding wildlife. :)

Want to make your very own? Read on!


Cereal Box




Hot glue/gun

Small beads

Paint or markers


1. On the printed side of your cereal box draw 5-7 small carrots. They should be the appropriate size to cover the majority (but not all!) of a clothespin. Cut out.

2. Paint or use markers to color your carrots.

3. Draw out a planter or garden box from the cereal box. Think rectangular. Cut out the middle center of the box.

4. Draw a rabbit. Use our picture to inspire you. Cut the rabbit and paint or use marker to add color and dimension.

5. Glue the carrots to the upper part of the clothespin.

6. Glue the small beads to the lower part of the clothespin. These provide a spacer for the carrots slide up and down.

7. Apply hot glue to the beads. Slide the carrot stems up and through the opening of the planter box and press the glue onto the back of the planter box.

*If your beads aren't sticking well, add more glue around the beads being careful not to glue the upper clothespin to the planter.

8. Glue your rabbit to the front! and for the most important part of all, PLAY.

Have a wonderful day,

Mary Alice XX

Don't forget to check out ALL THE OTHER ECO DIYs on the site! SO many!


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