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Felt Ramen Bowl

Oh, hi friends! It's been a very long time since I created a new tutorial for Brainy Beginnings Network! I'm super excited to be back on this platform, sharing ideas with you! Things are changing at an epic pace in my life. With the onset of spring, the changes are becoming quite invigorating. The grass is beginning to green at our Snipes Farm location for Root & Wild. The kids are growing and healthy and... I'm buying a MILL! Like, an actual mill from the early 1800's! I hope to hold Root & Wild classes there, offer a space for other artist and makers; and to create a safe space for children to flourish. More on all of that, later!

Last week during Root & Wild, we had special visitor from the farm, Melanie. Melanie is one of the owners of Snipes Farm. She took the class on a farm tour! We were able to learn many interesting things about the farm including but certainly not limited to, the chicken coop name: Cluckingham Palace. Oh, my simple pun loving heart. We also brushed goats, viewed the green houses, met the horses and discovered a few babies around the farm. What a cool opportunity! With all the hubbub however, we were not able to get to our crafts. But fear not, friends. I aim to provide you with the knowledge to create your very own Felt Ramen Bowl play food! Read on!

Here is it! The most cheeky and fun play food for your amusement. Try using chopsticks to play with this felt ramen. It offers tremendous fine motor skill practice! You can even turn this into a game. Grab some dice. Each number on the dice represents one of the food items in the bowl. Each player can roll the dice and have an opportunity to remove or place the food item into the bowl with the chopsticks! The first to empty or fill without dropping the food item, wins! YAY!

Let's get started!


If you are coming from the Root &Wild class, you should have all the felt prepared for cutting. These are the pieces you should have: (You should also have an egg yolk and a colorful rectangular piece to use as the bowl not included in this picture.)

If you were not in attendance, you will need all the pieces above.




1. Print the Felt Ramen Bowl template. Link above.

2. Follow the instructions on the template for each item listed.

3. To create the carrots, take the piece provided from class and cut it into strips. We are creating a julienne style carrot. For the scallions, cut both shades of green into strips, thicker than the carrots. Now cut the strips into little squares. For the noodles, cut the white or tan felt into long strips. The wonkier the cuts, the better! Try cutting the entire piece of felt into one long noodle!

4. To create the bowl, turn the rectangular piece of felt into a square. Fold one corner in. Meet the opposite edge of the felt. You have created a square. Cut off the remaining felt. See picture.

5. Fold the square in half. Tuck in the top edge of each side inward, towards the center. This is just decorative, but it will provide a nice "lip" to the bowl once you turn it out.

6. Staple the sides of the bowl. Turn it out so that the staples are on the inside.

7. Add all your glorious play food to the bowl!

Enjoy, friends! It was great to be back in the Brainy Beginnings saddle! Happy Weekend!

Mary Alice xx


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