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Snail Bread Rolls

Despite my crafty path meandering this way and that over the years, I'm devoted to sharing whimsical ideas when they come to me! As you may already know, we LOVE a good insect/animal/nature craft. The opportunity to share another fun idea with you on this site is an honor! Do you remember the Cereal Box Snails we made? How about the Pasta Snails? We clearly have a snail thing! It was only natural we create SNAIL BREAD ROLLS! Behold!

I've seen lots of crafty creatures around the internet lately. That seems to be the case once the warmer weather SPRINGS into action! Once I eyed the ready made croissant dough at Target, it became blatantly obvious: I must create Snail Bread Rolls. And why not? My kiddo was turning NINE the next day. He loves all things bread! He loves all things nature! What's more? I handed him a bowl of marinara to dip his snails in! These snails became pizza snails! WIN! WIN! WIN!

Think it's difficult to create these lil guys? Think again! They took about 5 minutes to roll up and roughly 15 minutes to bake.


*Baking sheet

*Parchment paper


1. Open your croissant rolls per package instructions.

2. Pull apart one of the perforated triangles of dough.

3. Roll the triangle into a long piece like the picture below.

You can add cheese during this process to make these snails more like pizza!!

4. Beginning with the thicker side, roll the snails up! Leave a section at the top unrolled.

5. Use a knife to split the top portion of the snail in two. These are the antennae!

6. Bake the snails per package instructions. Enjoy!!

Sending you all the love!!

xx Mary Alice


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