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Acorn Bees

All hail the bees! One of the most important entomological creatures known to man! Because of that, we choose to create and celebrate the bee often! Using environmentally friendly materials to craft with makes this project (and every other project) even better! We try to remain cognizant of our impact through crafting here at the Brainy HQ. In doing so, we help protect the creatures who are vitally important to our Earth. It is our hope that you will be inspired to craft with the bees and Earth in mind!

Here is a little glimpse into my bedroom redesign. I happened to find some good lighting here. What's better? The bees match the space! Hold tight for the finished bedroom reveal. Interestingly enough, there are bees in the design! More on that, later. Let's get to crafting in the most mindful way, shall we?


A stick


Short skewers

Pumpkin seeds

Dried flowers

Hot Glue/gun


1. Add glue to a pumpkin seed tip. Slide your pumpkin seed under the acorn top or next to it if the fit is very tight.

2. Add two or four to resemble bees' wings. Place them in different directions to give them movement.

3. Hot glue a skewer to the underside of the bee.

4. Glue the bees onto the stick.

5. Arrange and glue on flowers.

Step back and LOVE your creation.

Have a wonderful day! And don't forget to #craftresponsibly!

Mary Alice xx


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