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Giant Painted Stick Web

I think I might be done with the typical Halloween colors. It's time Halloween got really colorful. Please Mom, can we? Move over orange, black and purple. We've been thinking about making a web for a minute now. I remember seeing Mother Natured's stick spider web last year and thinking it was super cool. Check out her site and socials if you haven't already! She is inspiring!

We decided to take some really big sticks and paint them. It was a fun way to sneak in a collaborative family project over the weekend. The kids got messy and I got to put some fun details on the sticks while sipping the hot caffeinated juice.

After I put this in the kids' room, I decided it would work fabulously for holding art and/or small books. Frankly, it could hold all sorts of things. It's really big!

The Giant Painted Web is a surprisingly versatile piece! And it's colorful as can be! Juju is totally stoked about it and frankly, so am I! Check out how she decked it out when I left the room:

Pretty fun, eh? Let's get started then!


*Three 4 ft long sticks or three of your desired length

*Acrylic paint


*Skein of white yarn/rope/twine


1. Clean debris off of sticks.

2. Go wild with paint.

3. Add details such as dots and stripes!

4. Let paint dry.

5. Lay sticks across each other and tie into place. Be sure to tie tight knots. Weave the yarn around the sticks, going over one stick and under the next one to form a tight center.

6. Begin to weave outward towards the end of the sticks, repeating the over- under weaving motion.

7. Tie the yarn around the end of one stick as you complete the web. Cut the loose string.

Hang, decorate and just flat out enjoy your piece of collaborative and functional art!

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